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Self-Defense Seminar in Bohol

A great self-defense seminar for all ages in Tagbilaran, Bohol

Wing Tchun self-defense seminar at Lufrance Building on February 3, 2019.

We offer several seminars throughout the year, for members and guests

Our seminars take regulary 2,5 hours and is specialised in different Topics.

Basic Self-Defense Seminar

Our Basic Self-Defense Seminar is useful for experienced and unexperienced students and guest. We deliver the basic techniques out of our system, like structure, forms and applications.

The seminar was visited by our students and guests. Even someone from the tourist police in Panglao, Bohol was present. It was a successful day with a lot of happy people. We are looking forward for many more seminars and people to come at our place and learn the Art of Self-Defense.

Sifu Jens

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