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WT Self-Defense for Kids

Wing Tchun Self-Defense - Kung Fu Kids in Tagbilaran

Wing Tchun Kids Class in our Academy in Tagbilaran.

The Wing Tchun Kids Program is perfectly suitable for Kids from 5-11 years

Self-Defense, Self-Confidence, Self-Assertion

Kung Fu Kids in Tagbilaran

The Wing Tchun Self-Defense Kids Class in Tagbilaran is four times a week for 45 min., suitable for kids from 5-11 years. We teach not just techniques for self-defense, like grasp release, punches, kicks and so on, we teach our kids to handle and solve situations with self-confidence. Our academy is a place where kids have fun with social interactions and learn interesting and useful things for their daily life. Our Wing Tchun Kids Training helps for the challenges our kids are facing nowadays.

Sifu Jens

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